MCU Battle! Thor: Love & Thunder VS Ragnarok - Movie Feuds

MCU Battle! Thor: Love & Thunder VS Ragnarok - Movie Feuds

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Which Thor film is better? It's Thor: Ragnarok VS. Thor: Love & Thunder on Movie Feuds! Join me as I go over the pros and cons of The Taika Waititi Thor films. Did he get too silly with things or do both Ragnarok and Love & Thunder strike the perfect balance of action, drama and comedy? I personally think Love & Thunder would have worked better as a spinoff Disney+ series with the Asguardians of the Galaxy but we got what we got.
Todays matchup goes over the cast, story and effects in the newest Thor flicks and ultimately the winner is determined by you!

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0:38 Round 1: Cast
2:51 Round 2: Story
5:48 Round 3: Effects
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Narrated by: Adam Olinger
Edited by: Adam Olinger

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